The Whitworth Limited Editions: Reflection

During This project I have stepped out of comfort zone primarily with my use of the piercing saw, as I was unfamiliar with using this technique for detail. I chose this process to achieve the detailed, figurative shapes that where required to portray The Whitworth. I have discovered that I can achieve this level of detail with the piercing saw, this made me more confidant in applying more detail when designing the shapes. I also want to take this process forward into my future projects. Not using found materials as I have in my previous projects, has made me realise this is the main motivation behind my work and that I want to go back to it. Incorporating the detailed piercing techniques I have developed within this project.

I have learnt that I am flexible within my practice and I can adapt my work to fit a specific brief. This I believe will be useful experience for my future practice for example: working for live briefs and personal commissions.

The mixed tutorials have been useful to show me alternative ways of working and also how others visually communicate their intentions. For example the use colour schemes, mood boards and using Photoshop to place a product in its intended environment. This is an area I feel that I need to develop further, taking these ideas forward into the next project. I feel that I engaged well with the project although feel that I should have thought more thoroughly about collaboration, and the benefits of working with different disciplines to acquire new skills and experience different ways of working. It would have also been valuable to collaborate to help me come to educated decision from experiance, should I consider working in a collaboration in my future professional practice.

My material choices where primarily based around cost. This was due to the Whitworth specifying that they would not want potential jewellery locked away, therefore I used brass and copper which are relatively low cost compared to traditional jewellery materials. I am also very familiar with working with these materials and knew from previous experience that I could achieve the colours and patinas that these metals develop. allowing colour contrasts to make each stand out against the other. I chose the Piercing saw to achieve the detail in the shapes and figures I had designed. This was important to make sure that the shapes where correct and recognisable to others as being from the Whitworth.

My research focused around the Whitworth’s architecture and surrounding park, using my drawings and photographs that I took on site. I had decided on the interactive element of my work early, however I did not conduct research until much later. I should have conducted research into interactive jewellery earlier in the project, which would have enabled me to better apply my findings.

If given more time I would further develop the finishes of my pieces. Incorporating a higher shine and polish to some of the plain matt pieces. And the use of resin on the patinas, instead of varnish to protect more substantially. I have realised during this project that I need to develop skills in working out the cost of my work. For future projects I need to make sure that I am keeping track of my material and consumable (blades, drill bits and sandpaper etc.) costs. I also intend to make myself some spreadsheets to help me calculate overall costs including overheads and design/making time.

Overall I was happy with my final display. After some initial confusion with the curation, I was able to acquire a table at a perfect height. My statement invited visitors to interact with the pieces moving them make their own combinations. Therefore it was important that it was at the right level for people to do so. On reflection it may have been more appropriate to construct my display board to be hung on the wall with the addition of a shelf. If this work was to be displayed in the Whitworth’s shop I would intend to have more individual pieces and more multiples in different materials and finishes to give more choice. I also think that this display would have much more of an impact on a larger scale.

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