The Whitworth Limited Editions : Investigations

The key developments in my project have been the shapes, which need to be related to the Whitworth and the park. My problem was making the silhouettes recognizable but I am happy for some to be obvious in how they relate to the Whitworth, leaving others more abstract and unknown. Most of the shapes i have taken directly photographs and some are from on site and off site drawings. Detailed figurative piercing in metal is not something I normally do within my practice. My outcomes for this project seem to be much simpler than my normal way of working. However this is due to the interactive elements of my piece. While researching interactive jewellery I found that the most effective are either simple in shape or simple in the interactive element, I have applied this to my work.

The presentation workshop was useful. it was valuable to have the opinions of people on my course and from other disciplines. I was also able to see which idea was strongest and more appealing, the comments made were very helpful in the development of the work. The mixed tutorials were valuable and it was interesting to see the range of products being produced and the different styles in research, development and how other disciplines display their work and their intentions, this has made me think more carefully about how I present my work and has given me some ideas. As the Whitworth specified that it would not like wearable’s locked away this has impacted on my material choices, making the price to be affordable therefore not needing to be locked away. This has allowed me to develop an interactive selection process of multiple pieces to construct a pendant or brooch. This way of allowing the Customer to construct their piece allows them some control over the design making it more personal to the customer.

In these final stages of the project my main focus has been the finishes of the individual pieces for example, polishes using the barrel polisher with a shiny and Matt finish, and others such as overheating, encouraging patina’s to give different colours and varnishes. I have also been developing the strap for the necklaces, I have decided to use hemp thread in a natural and subtle colour pallet to compliment but not distract from the piece. I have also developed some minimal detail in different coloured threads which I have tried to match to some colours in the metal pieces such as blue, green and black in the patina’s. And purple in the over heated copper.

I have conducted further research into interactive jewellery and have found that the most effective imply simplicity I have taken that into consideration while finalizing my idea. Here are some of the websites i visited:

I have also watched some tutorials to learn the basics of how to make a paper bag. and have then developed this to hopefully complement my product. Tutorial web address:

My plan of action for the time remaining is to visualise and develop how I will present my work in the exhibition. I intend to have a board on the wall at a slight angle, having my work displayed hung on nails. There will also be spare nails so the customer can try out layering the pieces on top of each other to see how they look. I will also research into other ways of displaying jewellery for tips on how to grab people’s attention. My other two priorities are making sure I have enough finished pieces for the exhibition and making sure that my blog is finished and edited.

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