The Whitworth Limited Editions: Research

On the visit to the Whitworth the connection between the park and the gallery was clear. especially in the images I took of the reflections that the mirrors make in the windows. this has inspired ideas for wearable’s bringing geometric and organic shapes together. I have also been inspired by the screw standardisation logo consisting of a zigzag line, I have been using this in the geometric aspects of my designs and incorporating them organic shapes, using various limited control techniques such as ink and water to give a geometric shape one side with and organic edge. This limited control process has been inspired by an exhibition at the Whitworth by Cai Guo-qiang who has ignited gunpowder to create a landscape.    these ink tests made me think of layers which has informed some ideas of layering the different shapes.

I thought that the collaboration workshop was useful as it was engaging and gave me confidence to talking to others about my practice, especially those of other disciplines as I had to describe things in a general way and not presume they know the techniques and materials, like others on the same course do. Although I chose not to collaborate I understand the benefits of new processes, techniques, audiences and experiencing alternative ways of working. The activity helped me gain confidence talking about my practice, helped me better understand my work and gave me ideas on how to develop initial ideas for this project. The group activity where we had to instruct another group how to make packaging for a food item, was difficult I normally draw and make notes that only I need to understand. This was different and highlighted that I need to improve my visual skills when communicating ideas to others. This skill would also be useful to include in my future practice to inform the Customer to visually communicate what is inside the packaging, and my intention for its use.

I have chosen the connection between the park and gallery as my main point for inspiration for this project. While on the visit I was inspired by the reflections on the mirrors and glass, which reflected parts of the outside building and the trees.

I intend to develop a wearable piece concentrating on the word playful from the brief. As I want my piece to be interactive. I also want my wearables to be low cost due to finding that the reason they do not sell jewellery is that they don’t want it to be locked away. I intend to solve this by making a wearable that is cheap enough not to be locked away. They also said that lots of gallery’s sold jewellery they want to be different, so maybe a interactive and narrative piece may be more suitable. I want to be ethically and ecologically conscious and intend to use as much scrap, recycled and off-cut metal as I can along with various other found or recycled materials. For my designs my key influences will be the link between the park and gallery combining mixtures of geometric with organic shapes. Geometric shapes taken from the building and organic from the park. Intend to revisit to take some more images to reflect this and also revisit the shop to help gauge where my product will go and how to present it.

I have conducted research looking at other gallery’s and establishments shops to see the range of jewellery and wearables they offer. I have also been looking at the general style of products and most seem to be nature and season inspired I will consider the style and pricing while developing my idea. Here are some websites i visited:

The Narrative Thread lecture and workshop has inspired some ideas for development. I intend to use the individual pieces to communicate different parts of the Whitworth. Focusing on aspects such as the founder, screw standardization logo, original architecture, new architecture and the park. I will invite the customers to select the pieces they recognize to construct their own piece and narrative of their visit.

The Post it review activity was useful to help gauge bow my ideas communicate to others on my course and other disciplines. The feedback has informed me of my stronger ideas and comments on how to develop them further. The favorite voting system revealed what others thought was my strongest idea. I intend to take all feedback into consideration and use this as a starting point for further development.

I have chosen to develop the interchangeable, rotating, pick and mix idea due to it being the favourite out of the votes. I also feel like this is my stronger idea and the one that strongly shows the connection of the park and the gallery and also personal because of the interaction. I also received some good suggestions for improvements, such as experimenting with the scale, selecting a colour pallet, experiment mixing materials together metal glass and organic or found. I also intend to further explore the idea of narrative to make the connection to the Whitworth clearer.

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