Tradition and Innovation, Refinement

uring the tradition and innovation project I have been greatly influenced by the work of Bernhard schobinger. More specifically his use of found materials and objects. He uses non-conventional materials that he finds “jewellery worthy” expressing his perception of what is precious. I like his approach towards jewellery materials and this concept has inspired me to make pieces from objects and materials that I think are precious and ‘jewellery worthy’. His work also has a recycling aspect giving objects which others would throw away a new life.

The necklace’s featured in ethnic jewellery from the Andaman Islands and the Austral islands, also display the use of jewellery making using found and readily available materials. Both necklaces also display binding technique which is apparent to both the structure of the strap and the attaching of the pendants to the strap. I have adapted these techniques to work with my road sweeper bristles. Binding and weaving them to each other and to the strap.

My key motivations have been my material choices, I have focused for this project on found metal strips which I recently found out are the bristles from road sweepers. I would want to continue the use of materials that I find worthy throughout my practice. I wish to continue the development of using found metal but am also interested in exploring the use of organic found materials and objects. My future aspirations have been greatly influenced by this project, especially the work of Schobinger which has sparked an interest in jewellery made from non-conventional, found materials and objects that I perceive to be beautiful. Doing this through jewellery or wearable’s should communicate this well, due to others perception of value when choosing conventional jewellery which I want to challenge through my practice. Also want to learn more about material origin, processes of extraction and the ethical issues surrounding these.

As I already had an interested in tradition before the project I found the research enjoyable, however this unit has encouraged me to research more in depth on the material and technique or process rather than just the finished product. I have also enjoyed adapting and changing the processes and materials to suit me for example using materials that I find and that are local to me. The approach and technique need to change and be flexible depending on the individual material or object. This project has informed a reuse and recycle ethic to my work and I want to pursue this in my future practice.

I have engaged in a variety of activities including workshops, lectures, visits and tutorials. I enjoyed the research due to my personal interest in tradition, and feel that I have covered a wide range of traditions from a variety of sources. The workshop activities have been a great way to get on with some quick making which has helped inform and develop my project through quick tests. I feel that the drawing workshop has helped me with my drawings, I am doing more detailed drawings and showing different angles and close up detailed views. This has also made me think about drawing in context more to communicate my ideas. However I feel that I need to develop the use of drawing to communicate material through detail and colour, and to communicate the process more instead of relying on notes.

I have struggled with the righting aspect of the project as this is not one of my strengths. I also struggled with the poster specifically working on the computer, which is something I have not done before at a professional level I feel that to increase my confidence within my practice I need to develop my computer, writing and communication skills especially my verbal presentation skills as I feel embarrassed and need more confidence when talking about my work.

My time management skills also need to develop especially in the early stages. I spent too long in the research stage and was undeceive for too long about where to take the project, which has had repercussions throughout the later part project, which would have left me more time to develop my pieces further. I now feel pressured to develop and finish on time.

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