Tradition and innovation development

During this first project of my second year I have found that the workshop activities are valuable in getting back into making. The drawing activity made me realise that I had to make the found metal seem precious looking and desirable like conventional jewellery materials. This has also made me think more about my drawing using more detail to describe my object and explain my ideas clearly without notes.

In the making studio activity I started to weave with more organic materials which has helped develop further material investigations, the short making exercised helped get lots done in a short time.

Disparate materials workshop I used more modern readymade objects and materials, which has made me think more about my found metal could be things I find around the house. The quick making and drawing tasks helped me focus and has helped with my material tests. This workshop also helped me with photographing my objects ready for putting in my portfolio.

During some material tests I bound garden twine with hemp and discovered that when bent the strand holds its shape, which is a property that I like. It adds a playfulness and solidness to the strap as the wearer could move and change the shape of the piece.

After completing these tests i have decided that they are too thick which will detract from the clasp and pendant, I intend to develop using the hemp bound with thread to make the strap thinner and give it a more delicate look and feel. I have decided to test binding the hemp with coloured thread reflecting the colours from my Egyptian jewellery research however i have decided to only bind sections and not the whole length to keep the colour subtle

I am Developing making the clasp sit on the shoulder or on the front to make it visible. the clasp needs to be secure and easy to use. Using the found metal strips and washers and bolts. i have been testing the shape in copper.

I need to develop shape and texture of the pendant and how it will be bound to the strap. For the shape of my pendants I have been inspired by iron gates, concentrating on the swirls and connections. I will be developing using wire to weave the joins and connections within the pendant.    My Plan of action for the next stage of this project will be to complete more samples of the pendant for which I have been using aluminium for tests so I can save my found metal for the final pieces.

I will continue develop the binding of the metal to each other using wire, looking at using the liver of sulphur to darken the wire in some parts and not in others. I will also look into over binding the pieces which starts to fill in the gaps to draw attention to the wire.

The further direction for the project will be to develop the strap materials, using rustic natural materials and the binding technique. Using the found metal strips and washers and bolts. Also developing how the pendant will be bound to the strap.

I recently discovered that the metal strips i have been finding are bristles that fall off road sweepers.

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